Home for an architect.

This 350-square-metre home for an architect and his family. This site is close to town and is large enough to accommodate a tennis court and play areas for growing children. The court fits perfectly along the northeast boudary and was one of the reasons the section was purchased. with the tennis court position decided, the house itself was pushed as far as possible to the southern corner so that it maximised the northern outdoor living areas.

The plan of the house forms a cross on the site. The main axis consists of the main entry alongside the living room with a garage and shed to one side, and the family room with kitchen to the other. It is split by the other axis consisting of the walled courtyard and living room. The main circulation is located where the two axes cross. Sleeping areas have been located upstairs with separate wings for children and adults.

The Living room was oriented towards one of the few landmarks in the area - a stand of very tall poplars which unfortunately have subsequently been cut down. It opens up to views through each end, and the side window provides views to a long grouping of deciduous trees which is one of the key aspects of the area. The overhang acts as a highlevel verandah.

The construction is essentially two honed concrete block boxes, with a zincalume - clad central wing and bedroom container insertions into these boxes. The roof is butynol on insulated panel. Concrete floors throughout the ground floor provide a practical and cost - effective floor finish.

The styling is deliberately modernist but not minimalost. This is a family house that needs to be practical for growing children. While most walls are white, splashes of colour are provided by bright artwoork, rugs and some highlighted wall finishes.

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